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concerts training and jazz music lessons
Goals & Objectives

MSM Arts, inc is a Miami based not-for-profit arts organization dedicated to the perpetuation and preservation of "jazz music" which is a national treasure and the first original art form to develop in America.

  • To promote and produce festivals, concerts, workshops, band camps and clinics as well as act as a consultant for the same.
  • To provide a recreational community service for youths as well as for the elderly such as a community music ensemble.
  • To enhance, cultivate, and foster high ethical standards through involvement of community service activities.
  • To develop, promote, and support scholastic achievement and cultural awareness.
  • To mentor career development in the music industry that includes artist performance, recording, music business and other related fields.
  • To establish an endowment music scholarship fund for artistically gifted students, at-risk and under-privileged youth.
The music program is designed to help students develop professionalism, community awareness, recreation, and is also designed to educate students and participants about the importance of jazz as an original art form of America. There are many benefits that could help in the overall social and psychological development of young people such as motor skills, leadership skills, group awareness and tolerance as well as learning about an individual's potential as a human person.

Music lessons, specifically piano instruction, have been shown to improve a child's performance in school. Research exploring links between music learning and intelligence reports that music training dramatically enhances children's abstract reasoning, ability necessary for learning math and science.

MSM Arts, Inc. has been successful in engaging youth from high school to college. The program motivates and challenges students with personalized music instruction and immediate feedback. The programs use a "teach, practice, apply" methodology.

Please visit our web site: for more detailed information about MSM Arts, Inc. on past and future projects. We appreciate your organization taking an interest in helping our students develop music skills through the music workshop, jazz band participation performances and Scholarship program.

If you require any further information or have any questions concerning this request for sponsorship from your company, please call 305-308-5454.

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